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10 Advantages of Using WordPress

When looking for the best content management system (CMS) recommendations, maybe WordPress is one of the suggestions that you get.

WordPress is indeed the most popular CMS for the past few years. Data owned by W3Techs shows that this platform is used by 34.5% of websites in the world. However, why do many people choose this CMS?

This article will review all the advantages of WordPress, and the reasons why you can use it for various types of websites.

You also need to know that this article discusses wordpress.org, not wordpress.com.

10 WordPress Advantages

What are the advantages of WordPress and why you should use it? Check out the answer below!


Basically, WordPress can be downloaded and used for free. It’s just that you need a web hosting service and domain name in order to operate it.

In addition, WordPress websites can be modified in terms of appearance and function without having to spend money. The reason will be explained in the next section.

Lots of Plugin Variations

To add features in WordPress, you need a plugin. There are now more than 50,000 free plugins available in the repository.

For example, you can “juggle” WordPress, becoming an ecommerce website with WooCommerce. However, this CMS can be used to create an online portfolio using plugins such as Envira Gallery.

In addition, many choices are provided by third-party developers, free or paid.

Thus, the many variations that exist, CMS users can build WordPress as you wish, easily.

Thousands of Themes for Customization

One of WordPress’s strengths is the number of website themes or templates you can choose from. In the repository itself there are more than 7,000 free themes.

In addition, almost all WordPress themes are easy to customize without coding. If you want to change the font, font color, and layout model, you only need to do it with a few clicks.

Plus, you can buy a variety of premium templates in other stores, such as ThemeForest. Because it is paid, usually will have excellent features.

Easy Installation and Update

WordPress is famous for its installation process which can be completed in under five minutes. In fact, many web hosting service providers provide instant installation features that only require one click.

In addition, updates are also easy. when the latest version of this CMS is launched, you will get a notification and can immediately update it with one click.

This also applies to plugins and themes.


With so many themes and plugins offered by this CMS, almost no website can be made.

You can not only create a personal blog or a simple online store, but also a company profile, even an ecommerce website.


WordPress can be used to build websites on various scales, from a simple blog to an online store with a variety of products.

However, WordPress’s flexibility doesn’t stop there. This CMS is also mobile-friendly. That is, you can adjust the appearance of the website for various screen sizes. What’s more, this doesn’t require technical expertise.

To adjust the appearance of website content, you only need to open the theme customization menu. In addition, there are also several plugins that help you create a mobile friendly website.


Data security is one of the most important things when you have a website, especially when dealing with transactions and personal information.

You don’t need to worry because there are many security enhancing plugins available on WordPress, such as WordFence and Sucuri Security. In addition, this CMS always updates its users about existing security issues. However, you can also increase WordPress security from the web hosting server side.

Easy to Learn

One of the advantages of WordPress with other CMS is its simplicity. Not only in operation, but also for new users.

With a high willingness to learn, even ordinary people can understand WordPress quickly.

This platform provides knowledgebase articles and help forums that cover a variety of topics, from basic to advanced.

Large Community

At the beginning of the article it was mentioned that WordPress controls the CMS market.
Thus, you can find various WordPress user communities in cyberspace.
In addition, there are also various events that accommodate WordPress activists, such as WordCamp.

Easily Optimized for SEO

In order for your website to be easily found in search engines like Google, you have to do SEO or search engine optimization.

Fortunately, optimizing for WordPress is not complicated. Without adding any plugins, you can already change the permalink on the page and blog post, as well as add alt text to images on the website.

Plus you can find a lot of quality SEO plugins in this CMS repository, for example Yoast SEO.


There are many benefits that you can get if you make a website with WordPress. In addition to easy installation and updates, this CMS offers unlimited potential with its free plugins and themes.

Moreover, this platform can be secured without having to understand coding. What’s more, there are many tutorials and forums about it.

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