How To Block Games During Office Time, Using Mikrotik


In this experiment, we created a firewall filter whose function is to drop games that currently have a lot of players, such as Mobile Legend, PUBG Mobile, ROS, AOV, Free Fire and others game. What is needed to block this game? We need the game port and game protocol. There are 2 ways to get the game port and game protocol.

How To Block Games

Do the Torch

by doing the Torch when the client is running the game. So that you will get the port and protocol used.

Looking for IP & Game Ports

browsing on the internet about online game ports, the information provided is usually complete, various online games have been provided along with their ports and protocols.

Make a Rule

After successfully getting the port and protocol of the game then we make a rule on IP – >> Firewall – >> Filter

Chain: Forward, because the packet comes from outside the Router to exit the Router. Packets that pass through the Router.
Protocol: The game’s protocol. Can be TCP or UDP.
Dst. Port: Destination Port.
In Interface: Interface that leads to the client.
Action: add dst to address list, its function is to get the ip server from the game.
Address list: to give a name to the IP list.

Add an IP List

And the following list of legendary mobile server IPs that we have obtained can be seen in the IP menu – >> Firewall – >> Address List

Creating a Rule, Firewall Filter

After successfully getting an IP server list from Mobile legend, then create a Firewall Filter rule, to block games every Monday-Friday from 08:00 to 17:00.

Add Firewall Rule

Still on the firewall filter tab, then click add

Chain : the chain is still the same, Forward. Because traffic only passes through the Router. From outside the Router to exit the Router.
Protocol : The game’s protocol. Can be TCP or UDP.
In Interface : Interface that leads to the client.


Dst. Address List : Select the IP list in the Address List that we created earlier.
Time : Please adjust as needed. Verify that the time on the router is correct.
Action : Drop.

And the following filter rule that we have made


If testing the game access is done from the client side, the game cannot be loaded.


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