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Here it is, Top 5 Best Database Software

The Best Database Software
The Best Database Software – cadascode.com

All computerized business activities certainly require database applications as storage media.

For example, applications that use databases are library systems, ATM systems, flight ticket reservation systems, inventory systems, and others. However, these examples are only a small part of the database needs.

Because so needed, here I explain the best database applications that are commonly used.

The Best Free Database Software and Its Strengths


MySQL is a database maker software that is open source and can run well on Windows and Linux platforms.

MySQL can also be used for multi-user applications because it is networked.

This database software is distributed free of charge under the GPL license. Which everyone is free to use, but may not make a derivative product because it is commercial.

Not only that, MySQL also has other advantages such as:

  • A free Database Management System (DBMS).Suitable for small scale companies.
  • MySQL does not require high hardware specifications.
  • Fast in running SQL (Structured Query Language) commands.
  • Having a variety of data types, such as signed / unsigned integer, float, double, char, text, timestamp, and others.
  • Able to connect with client computers using TCP / IP, Unix Socket (UNIX) or Named Pipes (Windows NT).
  • Has interfaces to various applications and programming languages ​​with API functions.
  • The table structure in MySQL is fairly flexible in handling ALTER TABLE.
  • The commands and functions in MySQL have full functions and operators and support the select and where commands in the query.

However, this application also has shortcomings in the form of:

  • Not suitable for handling large amounts of data, both in terms of data processing and storage.
  • Has a maximum performance limit on the server.

Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL SERVER or MSSQL is an application developed by Microsoft. This application is commercial and has limited users.

Here are some of the advantages of Microsoft SQL Server, namely:

  • Suitable for companies with small and large scale to manage large amounts of data.
  • Very easy to connect with a client computer in the construction of an application program.
  • Has the ability for user management.
  • Ability to back up data, rollback, and recover data.
  • Having the ability to create database mirroring and clustering.
  • Have a good level of data security.

However, SQL server also has disadvantages in the form of:

  • Does not support multiple platforms, can only be used on Windows operating systems.
  • The price offered is quite expensive.
  • Does not have the ability of Technology Cluster Server.


Oracle was developed by Oracle Corporation and has several product variants. Generally, this database is used by large companies because the price is fairly expensive.

Although it’s fairly expensive, Oracle is definitely reliable. This is thanks to its advantages such as:

  • Reliability: The ability to protect data from damage if a system failure occurs.
  • Scalability: The ability to handle multiple users connecting simultaneously without reducing performance.
  • Availability: Can handle crashes or failures so that the service can still run.
  • Stability: The ability to handle crashes caused by high load loads.
  • Serviceability: Detects problems, speeds, corrects errors, and can reconfigure data structures.
    Can be used on Windows, Unix, Linux, and Solaris platforms (multiple platforms).
  • Great security system.
  • Supports big data.
  • Allows accommodating almost all types of data, such as text, sound, video, image, and time series.

From the advantages as above, it is possible that Oracle also has shortcomings.
The disadvantages are:

  • Fairly expensive, most complicated, and difficult to learn.
  • High specifications are required to be able to run it stably.


SQLite is an open source database and is very small.

This database was developed by D. Richard Hipp, commonly used by programmers and embedded in Android-based applications.

The advantages of SQLite are:

  • Very easy to manage because this database is a single file.
  • SQLite is fairly stable.
  • Has JSON features through json1 extension.
  • Bugs are rarely found.
  • In the latest version has an incredible speed compared to the previous version.
  • Has APIs for Python Apsq and Python Pysqqlite modules.
  • It has a WAL feature that is useful for overcoming kongkurensi, where reading and writing activities can be done simultaneously.

However, SQLite has the disadvantages of:

  • Some standard SQL commands are not supported by SQLite.
  • SQLite database security, only read and write.
  • SQLite database security is fairly good, but for big data will get a lot of difficulties.


This database application is open source.
In addition, this application also supports multi platforms such as Windows, Linux, and FreeBSD.

The PostgreSQL database has advantages:

  • Has a multiprocess architecture, thus supporting a higher level of stability.
  • Provides OO features, such as inheritance of tables and data types, or practical Array data, storing a lot of data in one record.
  • At high loads, PostgreSQL speeds are somewhat better than MySQL.
  • Has geometric data types, such as points, circles and polygons that are useful for certain scientific applications.
  • Provides the ability to define a field as an array.
  • Presenting the rule feature, which can customize the table, insert, update, or delete.
  • Has the ability that can be used in making WebGIS-based sites for mapping.
  • Has almost all standard facilities, such as view, subselect, trigger, stored procedure, and foreign key constraint.
  • Having the ability to make connections with other databases, such as PGaccess, DBDUMP, InterBase, and others.
  • Supports many types of programming languages.

However, PostgreSQL has disadvantages such as:

  • The database lacks focus in terms of data speed and leanness.
  • Difficult to apply on Windows systems.
  • Not much in demand.

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