Download Source Code Base64 Decoder Encoder


This time I will share a source code to decode and encode string base64.
Please download by copying it directly to notepad and save it with the name because this file is bash format.

Download Source Code Base64 Decoder Encoder
Download Source Code Base64 Decoder Encoder

For those of you who don’t know what a base64 string is, I’ll explain a little.

Base64 is a technique for translating binary data in the form of ASCII. the usefulness of this base64 technique is to hide important data with the encode technique.
for example, hiding strings, passwords and others so that their authenticity can be disguised. in order to not be known by others.
many giant companies use base64 techniques for security. among them are used in e-mail, xml data, url encoding and MIME.
or more complete, my friends can read about base64 here.

Download source code to decode and encode string base64.


merah=$(tput setaf 1)
ijo=$(tput setaf 2)
dasar=$(tput sgr0)
biru=$(tput setaf 4)

echo -e "${biru} 0000_____________0000________0000000000000000__000000000000000000+\n 00000000_________00000000______000000000000000__0000000000000000000+\n 000____000_______000____000_____000_______0000__00______0+\n 000______000_____000______000_____________0000___00______0+\n 0000______0000___0000______0000___________0000_____0_____0+\n 0000______0000___0000______0000__________0000___________0+\n 0000______0000___0000______0000_________000___0000000000+\n 0000______0000___0000______0000________0000+\n 000______000_____000______000________0000+\n 000____000_______000____000_______00000+\n 00000000_________00000000_______0000000+\n 0000_____________0000________000000007;${dasar}"

echo "${ijo}1.Base 64 ${dasar}"
echo -n "Masukan Pilihan : "

read pilihan

if [[ $pilihan = "1" ]]; then
echo "${biru}1.Decode ${dasar}"
echo "${merah}2.Encode ${dasar}"
echo "Anda akan apa ?"
read akan

if [[ $akan -eq 1 ]]; then
echo "Masukan yang akan di Decode : "
read decode
echo ${ijo} && echo $decode | base64 --decode && echo ${dasar}

elif [[ $akan -eq 2 ]]; then
echo "Masukan yang akan di encode : "
read encode
echo ${ijo} && echo $encode | base64 && echo ${dasar}



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