How Flash Asus Zenfone C (using SD Card, Flashtool, QFIL, without PC)

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How to Flash Asus Zenfone C

Overcoming a smartphone that is bootloop, even totally dead on the Asus Zenfone C Z007 handphone, we must use the flashing method.
In this article we have provided 3 ways to flash Asus Zenfone C, easily via SD Card, Flashtool, and without a PC.

In general, damage to smartphones is divided into 2 types, namely damage to hardware and software.
If the hardware is damaged, you have to buy a new spare part.

Meanwhile, if there is damage to the software, you can repair it yourself, without bringing it to the service center.

Generally, software damage is slow, force closed, app system error, and bootloop. And the only way to overcome bootloop or totally dead cellphone is by flashing.

Flashing is the process of reinstalling the operating system on an Android device.
Here are some ways to flash Asus Zenfone C that you can use:

Flash the Asus Zenfone C Z007 with the Flash Tool

Prepare and download the tools and files needed:

  • PC / Laptop that uses Windows OS.
  • Data cable (use the default data cable).
  • Download Asus Zenfone C Z007 Firmware, then extract it.
  • Download Asus Android USB Driver.
  • Download Asus flashtool Zenfone C


  1. Make sure the power capacity on the smartphone has been filled more than 50% for flashing.
  2. Enter Droidboot Mode. By the way, press the power + volume UP button at the same time, if it has entered Droidboot Mode, release the two buttons.
  3. Then open the Asus Flash Tool application, run as administrator.
  4. Then, connect the Asus Zenfone C Z007 smartphone to a PC / Laptop using a USB cable. If a USB icon appears, a device sign has been detected by the computer.
  5. As shown below, select type ZC451CG, in Wipe Data select the Yes option. Then, click browse to enter the firmware that has been downloaded.

    How Flash Asus Zenfone C Using Flash Tool
    Flash Asus Zenfone C Using Flash Tool
  6. Then click the USB icon, then click the start button, to begin the process of flashing the Asus Zenfone C. Wait until the flashing process is complete.

    How Flash Asus Zenfone C Using Flash Tool
    Flash Asus Zenfone C Using Flash Tool
  7. If the state has changed color to green, and the notification “Flash image successfully” appears, then the flashing process has been completed, and successfully run.

    How Flash Asus Zenfone C Using Flash Tool
    Flash Asus Zenfone C Using Flash Tool
  8. After that, close the Asus Flash Tools application, unplug the USB cable from the computer. Then select the reboot menu in Droidboot to restart your device.
  9. Next, wait for the boot process to run (usually the first boot takes a long time), then the standard android start up will appear to set the Language, Google Account, network, etc.
  10. Congratulations, your smartphone has been successfully flashed.

How to Flash Asus Zenfone C via SD Card

The advantage of using SD Card or MMC flash is, we can do it without a PC. So it is more practical, easy, and fast.

The steps:

  1. Prepare an SD Card that has been formatted to Fat 32 Default.
  2. Download the latest Asus Zenfone C Firmware HERE.
  3. If so, copy the file to the SD Card in the form of .zip.
  4. Plug SD Card to the Zenfone C.
    Enter Recovery Mode by pressing the Volume Down + Power buttons at the same time, the display will look like this:

    How to Flash Asus Zenfone C via SD Card
    Flash Asus Zenfone C via SD Card
  5. Then select the bottom menu “apply update from sdcard”
  6. Find the firmware file that was copied to the SD card.
  7. The flash process will run around 5-8 minutes.
  8. When finished, the screen will return to the Recovery menu, then tap “reboot system”.
  9. Then the phone will restart automatically and load into the wizard.
  10. and done.

How to Flash Asus Zenfone Using QFIL

QFIL stands for Qualcomm Flash Image Loader, a small application that can help in Flashing Stock Rom firmware on Qualcomm smartphones and tablets.
This guide is right for those of you who don’t know how to flash using QFIL.

Especially for smartphones with Qualcomm Chips, there are so many types of mobile phones that we can flash through the QFIL tool.

That happens because of various problems that commonly occur on android, with Qualcomm Chips engine. such as bootloop, cellphone hang, rooting failure, application forse close, and others.

We can repair the software damage by updating the flashing firmware.

If physical or hardware damage such as broken LCD, broken hardcase, can be taken to a service worker.

QFIL feature

1. Portable Application
You don’t need to install this application on a computer, just download then extract the application and run it. Very simple!

2. Easy to use
It was created for convenience, QFIL provides convenience for users, in the installation of Qualcomm-based Stock ROM firmware (. Mbn) on mobile phones with just one click.

3. Log box
When you don’t have time to watch the firmware flashing process with QFIL, take it easy!
Because you can see the complete log in the application log box, which can be used to help find errors in the flash process.

4. Supports Qualcomm Chipset
Remember! there are many features in this application, but QFIL only supports devices that use cipset from Qualcomm.

How to Flash Using QFIL

Ingredients that must be prepared:

  • Computer / laptop.
  • QPST download here.
  • Drivers for Qualcomm can be downloaded here.
  • Firmware specific to each type of handphone. search on Google!.
  • Keep the battery above 50%.
  • If the material is ready, please install the QPST that was downloaded

Steps to flash with QFIL:

Open the QFIL application.

C: \ Program Files \ Qualcomm \ QPST \ bin \ QFIL.exe (for 32Bit)
C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Qualcomm \ QPST \ bin \ QFIL.exe (for 64Bit)
QFIL display, will be as below:

How to Flash Asus Zenfone Using QFIL
Flash Asus Zenfone Using QFIL

Select “Browse” and in “Patch Program” select the firmware according to the type of cellphone. And select prog_emmc_firehose_XXX (XXX, which is according to the type of our cellphone)

How to Flash Asus Zenfone Using QFIL
Flash Asus Zenfone Using QFIL

Then “Load XML” and select “rawpgormam0.xml” or “rawprogram_unspare.xml” depending on the firmware, then select “patch0.xml”

How to Flash Asus Zenfone Using QFIL
Flash Asus Zenfone Using QFIL

The next step is to connect the handphone in 9008 mode, and it must be detected by QFIL.

If the status has not been detected as 9008 id QFIL, try checking the driver in the device manager.
If there is an exclamation mark that means the driver is not installed, how? repeat again.

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